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WORLD WIDE MEDIAS PSA ⚠️ 100% Cotton Mouth / 100% Cotton Front Filter Pocket + 2 2pcs Melt-blown non-woven filters
PRE-Order Orders Shipped April 27th (In Production)
Screen Printing Embroidery DTG HTV Face Mask with Filter (Full White OR Full Black)

Item Name:Sublimation Face Mask with Filter(Full White or Full Black)
Item No.:FM04-5000
Material:100% Cotton material for customized printing. Each mask with 2pcs Melt-blown non-woven filter fabric, it could insert into the mask pocket. With adjustable ear-hooks.
Color: Full White or Black
Mask Size: *17.8cm
Filter Size: *13cm

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Frequently Ask Questions

Where is my Tracking?
Masks are fabricated in USA factory and Shipped from California Ventura County.

Processing + Shipping is 7-14 Days out USA only. Tracking # for UPS delivery ground will be sent Via Email. If you have any questions please let us know.

“Where is my Filter Masks?”
Filter Masks are a Pre-Orders and not Subject to Ship until 04/24 they are currently in Production.

“Hello I put in a Order”
Thanks you for your order we will be taken care of this shortly. When your package is shipped out a Tracking number will be provided via Email. Please contact us if you have any questions.

“What type of material is this?”
2 ply 100% polyester 1 ply 100% cotton. Recently did the candle test and it passed as far as how thick the mask is in general.

Additional information


White, Black


10, 50, 100


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